Create Syria: A Multimedia Art Exhibition

#Art #Street-Culture

House Of Vans

Thu 22nd Sep
Sun 2nd Oct

12:00am- 1:00am-

A multimedia art exhibition that explores how arts can support dialogue, resilience and peace in the wake of the ongoing media crisis. 

The exhibition follows the inspiring stories of a number of displaced Syrian artists - including theatre directors, actors, photographers, animators and film makers - involved in an art project run by International Alert, the cultural organisation Ettijahat Independant Culture in Lebanon and the British Council. It is curated by Ying-Hsuan Tai of Goldsmiths University of London. 

From painting and filmmaking, to puppetry and choral signing, art has given displaced Syrians a chance to be joyful in a time of distruction, to create a sense of community in a foreign land and to envisage a collective future without violence. 

The exhibition will feature a diverse range of art forms created as part of the project and the fascinating stories of the people involved in 'creating Syria'. 

Create Syria: A Multimedia Art Exhibition

Open Daily | Thu to Sun

Free Entry



Location: Tunnel 1 - Art Gallery