Talking Peace Festival | Peace In Progress

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House Of Vans

Thu 21th Sep
Sun 24th Sep

Open Daily | Thu - Sun

Peace is just as much about communities living together, side by side, and resolving their differences without resorting to violence as it is about people signing a treaty or laying down their arms.  

In this interactive exhibition, we'll demonstrate the everyday ways we can all support peace - at home and around the world, from Rwanda to Ukraine, through methods as simple as talking, sharing and playing. Come get involved!

About Talking Peace Festival: 

The Talking Peace Festival is a global arts and cultural platform designed to engage people in the most urgent issues of peace and conflict around the world. 

Now in its fourth year, the festival celebrates the International Day of Peace on 21 September and showcases the power of creativity in resolving conflict. 


21st - 24th September 

Free Entry | Open Thu to Sun


Location: Tunnel 1 - Art Gallery