Vans First Layer Russia + Goodbye Horses Photo Exhibition


House Of Vans

Thu 19th Oct
Sun 22nd Oct

Opening Night: 19th October | 19:00

Join us for a celebration of snowboarding through the photos of Matt Georges & the art of Neils Schack and Tom Guilmard.

About First Layer Russia: 

Following their exploration of Japan last year, in 2017 Vans Euro Snow team set out on a journey of discovery throughout Russia followed by french photographer and Vans Family member Matt Georges

Blending a killer mix of huge cities & tons of snow, Russia is a promising playground for those able to re-interpret the urban environment;  Matt's eyes captured a country that is a world in itself, with its clichés, weird alphabet, strong historic heritage and stormy climate.  

With an exclusively 'street orientated' project in mind, the team explored Russia's capital city - Moscow over January, before heading out with a second crew to Novosibirsk, Siberia in March. 

House of Vans hosts an exclusive photographic showcase of Matt's work on the ground. Welcome to #VansFirstLayer Russia. 

About GoodBye Horses: 

Alongside the Vans First Layer Russia photo exhibition, there'll be artwork from Niels Schack and Tom Guilmard, two super-talented individuals who have part-taken in the creation of Sparrow Knox's previous project Loose Change

The work exhibited draws inspiration by the true stories along the way venturing through the land of Kyrgyzstan. 

Vans First Layer Russia + Goodbye Horses Photo Exhibition

19th - 22nd October 2017

Free Entry | Open Thu to Sun


Location: Tunnel 1 - Art Gallery